Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hey guys, still here! In Vermont!

So Petek has posted the last few blogs, so it's about my turn, I suppose. I must admit, the initial necessity of finding a computer as soon as I could on a town stop has become less of a priority the longer I spend in the woods. Sorry about my increasingly luddite ways.. We just got to Vermont and stayed the night in a great hostel in Bennington called the 'Vortex'. Interestingly, as we travel further north, it seems like there are more people opening their homes to hikers (rather than having more business-oriented establishments). It's been really a blessing to connect with so many wonderful, selfless people along the way. The heat wave in New Jersey really brought out the nicest people as well. It seemed like you couldn't hit a road crossing without a few gallons of water or an ice chest with cold sodas left behind. Really made hiking in the 100+ weather possible.

We're getting closer and closer to the excitement of hiking in the Whites. I'm pretty intrigued to see how it will be to hike through an area that I am relatively familiar with. Yippee!

- RD

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